Development Video #21

February 22nd, 2013 - 11:05 pm

Here’s a punch to kick off the weekend!

Wait, that doesn’t make any sense… Anyway, melee combat!

Watch it in HD!

Release: v0.1.5 (and Development Video #20)

February 3rd, 2013 - 1:17 pm

Here’s the latest version and a video demonstrating what’s new gameplay-wise:

Hostile Takeover Demo v0.1.5 for Windows (21.5 MB)
Hostile Takeover Demo v0.1.5 for Linux 32-bit (21 MB)
Hostile Takeover Demo v0.1.5 for Linux 64-bit (21 MB)

Watch it in HD!


– Fixed issue with light sources on a tile with a coffee table.
– Fixed minor graphical bug at some wall joints.
– Created the player character’s look and implemented the system for having characters with unique appearances.
– Made the animation and sprites for sneaking.
– Removed the planned separate sneaking movement mode (which was supposed to be more silent, while crouching would just hide you behind cover).
– Removed Combat Mode and just made it so that characters you need to talk to can’t be attacked.
– Added Tactical Mode in place of Combat Mode, which highlights stuff that can be interacted with, shows the restriction level of areas (green, yellow, red) and displays a color-coded field-of-view cone for NPCs (and a white field-of-view circle for the player).