Development Video #14

November 12th, 2011 - 3:34 pm

Here, at long last, is the new development video for Hostile Takeover, now featuring my fabulous radio voice!

Watch it in HD!

New stuff in this video:

  • Added a bunch of environment assets
  • Added action icons to show interaction options
  • Changed color of Combat Mode border from red to green
  • Added z-layers and multiple floors in buildings
  • Added elevators to move between layers

There are still some minor bug fixes and optimizations I need to do before I’ll consider the rendering engine done for now. Two of those bugs actually show up in the video — I didn’t notice them until I’d started editing the video.

I’ll be working on making more environment assets next to fill in those empty floors of the building. I’ll probably also be working some more on new GUI elements, such as a minimap in the upper left corner showing the various area types and the location of your target. For now, I’ve got three area types in mind that will be indicated with green, yellow and red and affect how suspicious characters will be when spotting you. Green areas are public areas where other characters’ suspicion level is just the default. Yellow areas are non-public, but also not restricted areas, for example the lobby of an office building. The suspicion level here will be double. Finally, red areas are restricted areas that you’re not supposed to have access to, so the suspicion level of other characters here will be 4x the default.

The point of most missions in the game is to be as stealthy as possible. Your stealth rating for a mission will decrease when characters spot you, or you otherwise draw attention to yourself. So I’ll also be making a Stealth bar for the GUI that shows your current Stealth level, as well as a Health bar and a Noise bar. The latter shows the level of noise you’re generating as well as the environment noise — so that you can set off environment noise such as fire alarms and car alarms to drown out your own noise.