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New melee combat and weapons

June 16th, 2014 - 2:07 pm

One of the big issues with the previous releases was melee combat. It just wasn’t very intuitive. The way it worked was that you could hold down the right mouse button to block at any time, but if you held it down for too long, you’d start building up ‘melee fatigue’ and wouldn’t be able to neither block nor attack until the fatigue had expired.

This system was meant to keep the player from holding down the right mouse button to block continuously, but it just wasn’t very intuitive. Why, for example, would you build up melee fatigue just by holding up your arms to block a potential attack? It didn’t make much sense. So I’ve completely scrapped the idea of melee fatigue, and instead implemented a more classic system where you can only block when an actual attack is incoming. So now it’s much more a matter of being able to react quickly when your opponent makes a move. I also added Arkham Asylum-styled indicators above an opponent’s head to indicate when an attacking is imminent and you can block.

It also wasn’t clear when you could attack an opponent without risking your attack being blocked and you being stunned for a while. The way it worked was that your opponent would be stunned for a while after you’d blocked his attack, and you could freely attack him while he’s stunned without fearing him blocking your attack. It still works like this, but now I’ve added animation frames to show when a character is stunned and open to an attack.

Here’s a low-quality gif animation to show the new system:

And now I just noticed that the attack indicators should probably be red when you’re stunned… Adding that to my to-do list. :)

Melee combat is pretty simple and that’s on purpose, since combat really isn’t the main focus of the game. It’ll be a lot more about puzzling out situations and using your equipment to avoid combat. But there still needs to be a combat system for when your stealthing fails and there’s no other way out.

One way I’ll be adding a bit of depth to the melee combat system is through weapons. Different weapons can work differently and have different effects. For example, in the above gif, I’m using a knife. This weapon’s special characteristic is that it still does damage (to the opponent’s arms instead of head) when the attack is blocked. There’s also a baton that when used and blocked makes the blocked character stunned for a shorter amount of time. Other weapons can for example deal splash damage to adjacent opponents, or maybe you have to click the right mouse button fast to build up to a single deadly blow? There’s a bunch of possibilities.

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