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It’s been a while…

June 2nd, 2014 by Christian Knudsen

For the last year and change, I’ve been pretty quiet. This isn’t because I’ve stopped developing Hostile Takeover, though. To the contrary, the game has come a long way in the past year. I just felt that I needed to go into stealth mode for a while until the game was up to snuff again and ready to be shown to the world.

At first, I just wanted to fix a few things here and there, but then I kept finding new things that I wanted to fix or improve before I showed the game again, and all of the sudden, more than a year has passed. But now the game is nearing a point where I feel confident in sharing it with the world again, so without further ado, here are some screenshots:

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As you can (hopefully) tell, a lot has changed since the last updates. I’ll go over some of the changes and improvements in future blog posts.

I’ve removed the download links to the old version, since it was terribly out of date and this new version isn’t yet at a state where it’s fit for release. Speaking of, I’ll most likely be doing closed testing for this and coming versions until the demo is done (which I’ll then probably release as part of a Kickstarter campaign). The demo will include three missions, with the first two being tutorials. The above screenshots are of the work-in-progress first tutorial mission.

Finally, I’ve set up a mailing list that you can subscribe to if you want to be sure to know about any game/demo releases or future Kickstarter campaigns.

And that’s all for now. Hostile Takeover is back! (Though it was technically never gone…)

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