Release: v0.2 (and Development Video #22)

March 13th, 2013 - 1:53 pm

Here’s the latest version and a video demonstrating what’s new gameplay-wise:

Hostile Takeover Demo v0.2 for Windows (22 MB)
Hostile Takeover Demo v0.2 for Linux 32-bit (21.5 MB)
Hostile Takeover Demo v0.2 for Linux 64-bit (21.5 MB)

Watch it in HD!


– Fixed bug when changing movement type while shooting/aiming.
– Fixed bug that would make the player character disappear if movement set to sneak as the very first thing after game load/start.
– Fixed minor issue with double-clicking to run.
– Added melee combat.
– Added two additonal test maps (and a variation of the Hensley International map for when the assassination job has been completed).
– Added overworld map that’s accessed when walking to the edge of a map.
– Added ‘Restart this location’ functionality.
– Redid the entire save game system to save information about multiple maps.
– The game now asks for confirmation before overwriting an existing savegame.