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What’s in store for the next release

October 8th, 2012 by Christian Knudsen

There are still bugs to be fixed in the game, but it seems that it’s stable enough now that I can focus on some stuff that will take a bit longer to implement – and that will also break save game and map file compatibility. I imagine that’s what the release schedule is going to look like for a while: work a bit longer on a release with some new features in it, then do a bunch of bug-fix releases.

Two often requested features will be added in the next release: If you click on or try to use something on an object that’s outside your characters reach, he will now go up to it instead of just complaining that it’s out of reach. I originally didn’t add this as I was afraid a miss-click could mean that you’d for example accidentally break cover. But the annoyance of your character not automatically walking up to stuff seems to outweigh that risk.

The other feature is something I’m not sure of, but will be adding as a test. It’s having floors above the one your currently on not being drawn for adjacent buildings either. This will make it a lot easier to snipe from an adjacent building – but I fear it may make some stuff too easy, unless I can just design the map to take this into account.

I’m also working on a third new feature that should make a certain aspect of the game a lot more intuitive and easier to use. I don’t have it up and running completely like I want yet, so I’ll reveal what it is in a later blog post.

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