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The reanimated dead and elevator trouble

October 21st, 2012 - 5:03 pm

I was hoping to have v0.1.4 out by now, but I’m constantly running into new issues and bugs that need fixing. One of the big causes for all this is allowing the player to shoot at characters in an elevator and being shot at while in an elevator. The actual shooting part isn’t a problem – it’s having a dead body in the elevator along with any dropped weapons.

For the dropped weapons, I just had to make sure that they’re ‘teleported’ to the new level whenever the elevator moves from one level to another. Not such a big issue, but it took some time to get working. With the actual dead bodies, I was experiencing that the bodies would sometimes come back to life and chase down the player that originally killed them. The NPC would basically get snapped out of his dead state for some reason and continue his gunfight with the player (the weirdness of which was exasperated by the fact that the NPC had dropped his gun when dying and would therefore just be firing his empty hand at the player!).

It took a few hours of staring at code and trying different things before I figured out what was going on: When an elevator moves from one level to another, the code runs through a loop and moves all characters in the elevator to this new level. In doing so, the tiles on the new level are set to being occupied by these characters. Except dead bodies shouldn’t occupy (and thus block) a tile. This meant that whenever another NPC tried to move onto this tile, it would tell the dead NPC to get out of the way – and voila, the dead guards would get back on their feet and move out of the way. Since they were now in a ‘walk’ animation instead of the ‘dead’ animation, they were quite literally reanimated.

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Also, if you’ve ever wondered why killed characters in the original X-COM always dropped dead by pretty much just collapsing in on themselves, it’s because corpses that stretch across multiple tiles can create all sorts of graphical issues. Such as corpses clipping through walls or doors. This will only become more apparent in Hostile Takeover with corpses in elevators, as the elevators aren’t large enough for the corpse sprites. I will, however, be making more corpse sprites in the future to remedy this, as well as running various checks to make sure corpses aren’t clipping through walls. For now, just know that this isn’t a bug but just something further down on my to-do list.

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