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Release: v0.1.3

October 6th, 2012 - 12:25 am


– Fixed bug that would freeze the game when loading a new objective from the script file (temporary script file wasn’t created when loading a game, only when starting new game).
– Fixed rare crashing bug when drawing the character selection border.
– Fixed patrolling AIs being stopped indefinitely by a locked door.
– Fixed issue that would make inventory items disappear if you tried to use them on something they can’t be used on.
– Higher chance of player hitting target when shooting (non-aimed).
– Player aiming/shooting animations won’t get interrupted when taking damage.
– Balancing of damage given when shooting.
– Damage dealt shown.
– You can now also rotate the map with Q and E.

Hostile Takeover Pre-Alpha Demo v0.1.3 for Windows (19 MB)
Hostile Takeover Pre-Alpha Demo v0.1.3 for Linux 32-bit (19 MB)
Hostile Takeover Pre-Alpha Demo v0.1.3 for Linux 64-bit (19 MB)

If you’ve previously downloaded v0.1.2, you can just download the new executables and replace the v0.1.2 ones:

Windows (executable only) (3.9 MB)
Linux 32-bit (executable only) (4.1 MB)
Linux 64-bit (executable only) (3.9 MB)

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