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First week in release and combat improvements

October 1st, 2012 - 12:42 pm

Hostile Takeover was released into the wild last week, and so far the latest v0.1.2 has been downloaded almost 300 times in 2 days. So that’s awesome. I’ve also received a bunch of great feedback and fixed various bugs.

The most pressing issue seems to be the combat. Simply put, for an assassin, you get killed way too easily in a gunfight with guards. So I’ve made three changes to address this: Your shooting animation is no longer interrupted when you take damage, your chance to hit has been improved, and AIs can’t deal you a critical one-shot kill anymore. I’ve also added damage indicators that show how much damage is dealt. This will all be in v0.1.3, which I’ll probably release when I’ve also fixed a bug with an infinite loop that freezes the game.

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In the long run, I’ll be adding melee combat. The current idea is that if you’re standing right next to a target, an attack will automatically be with melee combat, while if the target is further away, it’s a ranged attack (i.e. shooting). Melee combat will also be used for sneaking up behind a target and slitting his throat or administering a sedative. For stealthy ranged attacks, I’ll probably also be adding a pistol with a silencer.

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