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AI, scripting and… stuff

September 10th, 2012 - 7:56 pm

Another week of programming done. I added a bunch more functionality to the scripting language, so I can now script the stuff needed for the test map. I also expanded the AI a bit, so that characters will now react to you carrying around a weapon in a restricted area, and when you shoot an NPC that is unarmed, he/she will either run off the map or try to hide – as well as cry out for help, which might attract the attention of nearby guards.

With regards to AI behavior, I also added character types. The most basic types are Guards and Civilians, but I can add whatever type I want (the test map, for example, also has a Receptionist and a CEO). Beyond affecting AI behavior to some degree, this is now also displayed when you hover over a character, along with the character’s name:

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I also fixed some minor issues with the spawning of random characters and added random name generation for these spawning characters. It uses the same system from Ascii Sector – basically just picking a first and last name from a long list of names from various nationalities. I feel that each character having a name and type gives them a bit more personality, but it’s not all that important for the actual gameplay mechanics.

AI work continues this week. I’m almost at a point now where I can play through the test map. There’s just still some cases that aren’t covered by the current AI system, as well as stuff that needs polishing. The September release of pre-alpha demo version 0.1 still seems possible. The challenge with working freelance in addition to making a game, though, is that you never really know for sure how much time you’re going to have to work on the game.

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