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Laserbrain Forum and some AI work

August 12th, 2012 - 6:52 pm

Work continued on the AI last week. I’ve implemented sound checks for the noise you make, so NPCs can now react to your footsteps and gunfire if they’re within range of hearing you (the further away, the lower the risk of them hearing it). So sneaking is going to be very useful now for moving around without making too much noise. I only have the crouching animation done, so for now, crouching will be as silent as sneaking (in the finished game, crouching will be used for moving without being seen, and sneaking for moving without being heard).

I’m diving into the searching procedure now, which will be used if a guard hears you without being able to see you, or if an NPC for example finds a corpse and should check the nearby surroundings. It basically just sets some waypoints for the NPC to go to within a certain range of the corpse or where the sound came from. There are some complications to it, though, such as being able to check rooms lining a corridor, if the NPC last say the player run down said corridor, for example. I have some ideas that I’m currently trying out.

In other news, you may have noticed that I’ve set up a forum. Along with that, I’ve disabled blog comments and instead integrated the blog somewhat with the forum (blog posts are automatically posted to the forum, and the blog post displays how many comments have been made on the forum along with a link). I wasn’t able to migrate the WordPress users to SMF users, so I’m afraid you’ll have to register for the forum even though you previously registered for the blog. Anyway, see you on the forums!

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