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Taking damage and more AI

July 9th, 2012 - 11:28 am

Work continued on the AI for Hostile Takeover this past week. I also ran into some issues with characters not getting drawn on the correct level if they’re in an elevator when a saved game is loaded. This almost took an entire day to figure out. A bit annoying, but it felt good when I finally figured out what was wrong (as is the case 99% of the time, it was all due to developer stupidity).

If a patrolling guard (and sometimes other types of NPCs) sees you crouching or sneaking around in a yellow area, he will stop and look at you, his hostility level will go to suspicious (making his dot on the map go from green to yellow), you will lose a bit of stealth and he’ll utter a line of dialogue.

If a guard spots you in a restricted (red) area, different things can happen. If he was already suspicious of you, he will attack you almost immediately. He will also attack you almost immediately if there isn’t a yellow area on the level you’re currently on. If there is a yellow area (such as an elevator going to an area that isn’t restricted), he’ll tell you to leave the restricted area. If you don’t leave quickly enough – or you start walking deeper into the restricted area – he’ll attack you. Attacking is still very much work in progress. For now, an attacker will just stand motionless and shoot at you. So I’m currently working on getting them to change position if line-of-sight is broken.

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I also got damage to show correctly on the upper right display. And blood splatters on various interface elements to signify damage to arms and legs. Finally, I made damage to your legs affect mobility. If the health of your legs is less than 75%, you won’t be able to run, less than 50% and you can’t walk either, and at less than 25%, you’re unable to sneak as well. This automatically means that people will grow suspicious of you if you’re in a yellow area and your legs have received more than 50% damage, since you’ll only be able to sneak or crouch then.

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Finally, I added checks for player death. There are three ways you can die from damage: If your total health reaches 0, if your head gets completely damaged or if your torso gets completely damaged. This will all sound very familiar to players of Ascii Sector.

This week, I’ll mostly continue with AI stuff, but there are also some minor interface quirks I’ve run into that I want to address.



July 11th, 2012 11:28 am

Attackers will move to make shooting more effective. Hmm… Will they strafe while shooting?

And how about player? Example: player stands near desk and during shootout wants to (partially) hide behind desk. In 3D game will make step aside without loosing target from a sight.

So far it looks that changing position sideways requires to “turn, move, turn again” which takes time. And it makes aiming impossible during movement. And it’s possible to loose track of a target.

I think it’s possible to make such move in this type of (isometric) game but it could require to make additional animations for characters let alone coding. I wish you good luck…

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