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New-ish device and new map (oh, and AI)

July 31st, 2012 - 9:34 am

I was out celebrating my one-year anniversary with my wife yesterday, so here’s the update for last week one day later than usual…

I’ve begun work on the map for the first pre-alpha release. This will not be a finished map in the game, but a map for testing various game mechanics. I’m basically going to try out various things to find out which is the most fun to play, so I’ll probably be iterating over different map designs to get a good sense of what makes a great map in this game before starting work on the maps used in the actual game. Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of art assets and world objects that I’m currently missing, so I’ll probably be spending a good deal of the coming week making those.

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This past week, I also split the Remote Trigger device into two devices for various reasons. The primary being that I couldn’t really see much use for opening and closing doors remotely – the more interesting use is of course to lock them remotely, trapping guards and other NPCs in rooms. So that’s now a separate device: the Lock Override. The remote trigger has been renamed the Electric Surge and can only be used on electrical devices. I think this makes more sense.

And work still continues on the AI. I’m working on the search algorithm for when guards hear a gunshot or you escape their line of sight or they find a corpse. The idea is that the map tile where they heard the gunshot coming from or last saw you or found the corpse will act as the center for the search. But it takes a bit of work coming up with a good algorithm that works both in wide open spaces and inside a building with corridors. I’ve got some ideas that I’m testing out, though.

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