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Bug fixing and even more AI

July 23rd, 2012 - 8:00 am

This past week I finally managed to squash a bug that would sometimes corrupt map files when I removed world objects in the map editor. I was basically just setting the object type to zero when saving the map, but when loading it, the code wasn’t expecting zero’ed object types, so it would try to place these non-existent objects. It was of course just a matter of not writing these objects to the map file at all. Seems simple, but still took a bit of time to figure out.

And, as always, work continues on the AI. This week I fiddled a bit more with AI shooting – primarily tweaking the checks so that there’s a pretty big chance of a hit when firing at a target right next to or very close to the shooter. My algorithms were working fine for shots at a distance, but the AI would often miss a target right in front of it, which seemed kinda silly at times.

I’ve also started work on characters detecting you from hearing you. My current framework is that characters will always react to gunfire (if they’re a guard that’s within range of hearing it) by going to the spot they think the sound came from and starting a search routine with that spot as the center. If you’re making noise in a yellow area, this can cause characters to turn to face you – and react with suspicion if you’re sneaking or crouching. And any noise made in a red area can cause a guard to start searching for you and attacking you if you don’t leave quickly enough (or if the guard is already hostile towards you).

That’s the basic framework, which I’ll then tweak so that civilians for example react differently than guards. For one, they shouldn’t always come running to investigate the sound of gunfire, but should instead most of the time run away from it in a panic. After that, I’ll start working on NPCs reacting to finding a corpse.

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