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Saving, loading and shotguns

June 18th, 2012 - 10:51 am

Last week was off to a crazy start when I suddenly found Hostile Takeover adorning the front page of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. As you can probably imagine, this brought in a whole bunch of traffic, so a quick welcome to the game’s many new followers is in order! It was also quite the motivational boost – not that my motivation to work on the game really needed boosting, though, but it’s always nice when people seem excited about the thing you’re working on.

Anyway, I’ve mostly been working on saving and loading during the past week. Until now, everything would just be saved in the map file itself (and some stuff, like your inventory, wouldn’t be saved at all) whenever I quit the game. This was fine for developing and testing maps and such, but of course wouldn’t at all be suitable for the actual game. So I’ve had to decide which information should go in the map file and which should be saved in the savegame file. It’s basically boiled down to all static information (such as tiles, walls and most world objects) being in the map file, and everything else being in the savegame file.

This means, however, that the map files are 1+ MB in size, while the savegame files are only 10+ kB. The latter is fine, the former really isn’t. So I’m reading up on the Free Pascal zlib unit to be able to compress the map files with libz – with WinZip, a 1+ MB map file gets shrunk to about the same size as a savegame file. I’m not sure if libz can get the same results, but the more important side effect of compressing the map and savegame files is that they won’t just be plain text that’ll be easy to mess up or screw around with.

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I also changed the load/save menu ever so slightly. When you save a game, it’s now optional if you want to type in a savegame description. If you don’t, it’ll just state the location you’re at in the game as well as the real-word time at which the savegame was created.

When I’m done with the save/load stuff, I’ll probably be moving on to an important optimization that I’ve been putting off for some time now. It has to do with how the x-ray effect is created. But I’ll save that for a later post. And after that, it’ll probably be all about AI and level building.



June 20th, 2012 10:51 am

Saw this on RPS, very much looking forward to it, good luck with it!

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