Interface now actually completely done

December 5th, 2011 - 3:50 pm

Aaaaaand here’s the final look of the interface:

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I redid the stats bars in the upper right display to better fit with the overall style. And I’ve redone the combat mode border to fit the new interface elements. Finally, I made the blood splatters that will appear on the equipped item boxes when your arms are damaged (1-5 blood splatters on each to indicate amount of damage), as well as the splatters on the walk and run buttons when those selections are unavailable due to leg damage. The blood splatters shown here don’t actually match the damage to the player in the screenshot — it’s just to show what they look like.

So I’m now locking the look of the interface, except for any future features that may creep in. The minimap is quite buggy at the moment when the map is rotated and you can’t drag the minimap to examine the game world yet. So that’s next for me to do.

Interface pretty much done

December 1st, 2011 - 10:53 am

In between moving from our small two room apartment in Copenhagen to a larger and (almost) brand new three room apartment outside of Copenhagen, I’ve had a little time to finish up the interface for Hostile Takeover. Have a look see:

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Starting in the upper left corner and going around clockwise, we first have the minimap with a simple outline of buildings and areas color coded green, yellow or red to show how restricted they are. There’s also buttons for rotating the map (and game world view) as well as for toggling on/off whether or not to keep the view centered on the player. You’ll also be able to drag the minimap around to examine the game world.

Next is the combat mode button and then the stats display. From top to button the stats are: Noise, Health and Suspicion. There are two noise bars; one showing the environment/background noise and one showing the noise you’re generating. If your noise level is below the environment’s, NPCs won’t hear you. The health bar is pretty self-explanatory with the character outline showing damage to specific body parts. Finally, the suspicion bar goes from 0 to 100 percent and shows how much attention you’ve drawn to yourself during a mission. That percentage will be deducted from your payout for completing the mission, so 50% suspicion raised during a mission means you’ll only get half pay.

We then have the movement buttons, which from top to bottom are: Kneel, Sneak, Walk and Run. Again, pretty self-explanatory, but damage to your legs will render movement options unselectable. I’m thinking 33% damage will remove run and 66% walk, or something to that effect.

I’m playing around with blood splatters on the buttons to show when an option cannot be selected because of damage. This will also work with damage to your arms. There’ll be blood splatters on the equipped item boxes, aiming will be more difficult and melee attacks will fail more often when your arms are damaged. I’ll slap up a screenshot when I have these blood splatters working properly.