Shadows or no shadows?

September 21st, 2011 - 11:04 pm

I’m currently optimizing the map drawing code for Hostile Takeover‘s isometric engine. It’s basically all about minimizing the amount of tiles and layers that the code has to loop through each frame to check for stuff to draw – and also trying to minimize the amount of texture bindings for OpenGL. Anyway, as part of this, I tried disabling the wall shadows (which I originally added to create an ambient occlusion effect) to see if they had any substantial impact on the time it takes to draw a frame. They don’t really, which didn’t surprise me much, but the test has left me with doubt as to whether or not wall shadows should even be in the game.

The image on the left is with wall shadows, the image on the right is without:

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On one hand, I think the wall shadows make the structures pop a bit more and make everything feel less flat. On the other, I can’t shake the feeling that the wall shadows make it seem as if the walls are floating ever so slightly above the ground. So I can’t decide if I should keep them in or discard them. What do you think?

By the way, the shadow for the “Hensley International” sign is also missing in the right-hand image. That’s just because I completely disabled environment shadows for this test. Stuff like that sign will have shadows – that much I’ve decided on. Of course, it might just be weird if walls don’t have shadows when everything else does…


September 10th, 2011 - 3:52 pm

The world of Hostile Takeover has been pretty flat for a while. There’s been no z-layer, meaning that everything has been on the same level. That’s changed now. In the below images, you can see a building that’s currently 2 stories high (it’ll probably be 4 stories when done, but there’s really no limit to how many z-layers I can add). When you enter such a building, none of the layers above will be drawn, giving you an unhindered view of the level you’re on.

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I’ve also added doors that automatically open and close when you need to pass through them, as well as windows. I’m currently working on adding elevators to transport you between the levels of a building (I really don’t want to make an animation for walking up/down stairs — at least not yet). You can already see the elevator doors on the first level of the building.

One final thing I’ve been working on is the map editor. It runs completely in the game engine, so I just press ‘D’ (for ‘developer mode’) when playing to move walls and stuff around. I’ll probably include the map editor with the game to allow players to make their own maps. Along with the scripting language, this will let players create missions for the game, so there will probably be two modes: the campaign with the full story and individual player made missions.

The map editor is still a bit buggy. It works fine for my own purposes as I’m aware of its limitations (such as placement of walls and stuff only working as intended when the map isn’t rotated), but I need to clean it up a bit before it can be used by other people. Look for it in the next development video, which I’ll probably make when I’ve got elevators working.