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Development Video #12

June 7th, 2011 - 10:10 pm

The latest development video is almost twice as long as the previous videos. But there’s also a lot of new stuff to show!

Watch it in HD!

This is the new stuff you’ll see in the above video:

  • The inventory bar is working
  • Item labels (appearing when holding down Shift) automatically spread out so they don’t overlap
  • Holding down the right mouse button instead of just clicking on a target will allow you to do an aimed shot
  • Characters can be shot in the head, torso, right and left arms and legs
  • There’s a one-shot kill area on the head and torso to simulate shots to the brain and heart
  • Redid the expanding blood pools
  • Added blood splatter to the ground when a character is hit
  • Also added a blood squib to show which body part was hit

I’m still working on the female hit and dying animations as well as the doubling of directions for the male aiming and firing animations. When doing the automatic shooting, the chance to miss and body part hit is currently just randomly selected, so I’ll still have to add some algorithms for that which take distance and level of light into consideration. I’ll also be adding effects of damage to arms and legs (harder to aim and walking/running slower). When a character gets shot in the arm, there should also be a chance of the character dropping items in hand. Also, there’s currently no line-of-sight check, so you can shoot at characters behind walls.

I’ve been playing around with making character portraits for dialogues. My current plan is that you can only engage in actual dialogue (i.e. the dialogue screen pops up) with secondary and main characters. Extras that fill the environment, hostile guards and similar characters will just brush you off with a quick remark written above their head. Otherwise I’d have to make hundreds of character portraits — and possibly figure out how to make random character portraits if some of the NPCs are randomly generated. I think it’ll also make it more intuitive which characters are actually important to the plot or mission at hand if you can’t just talk to everybody.

I also managed to implement recording functionality. This’ll record the mouse cursor position and keypresses each frame to a text file. It also records the initial seed for randomization. Using this seed and the recorded cursor positions and keypresses, I can get a playback of a play session. Being able to watch a recording of a tester’s session will really come in handy!



June 27th, 2011 10:10 pm

The interface seems a little tricky. Will there be a way to ‘follow’ a person, or a way to center the camera on someone?

Christian Knudsen

June 27th, 2011 10:10 pm

You mean aiming/shooting at a character? Doing an auto-shot is pretty easy, since you just have to click on the target. But doing the aimed shot can be a bit harder, as you have to keep the cursor over the target for a moment. This is on purpose, so you won’t abuse the aimed shot all the time (hopefully, you’ll mostly be using it for delivering the killing shot to your target, or taking down immobile guards from a distance). The game won’t really be an action game, so you won’t have to do these kinds of things under pressure and during heavy firefights. It’ll be more about sneaking around and figuring out ways to do your job as stealthily as possible. The stealthier you are, the higher the payout will be for each mission — you can probably shoot your way through most missions, but then you’ll have less money for equipment for future missions, making them harder.

You can’t set the camera to follow another character (well, it does this automatically when you’re doing an aimed shot, but you can’t do it for purposes of keeping the mouse cursor centered over the character).

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