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Development Video #8

December 6th, 2010 - 10:41 pm

I’ve decided to make less videos and instead make longer videos with more content and more new features in them. So here’s a video with the latest developments on Hostile Takeover:

Watch it in HD!

– Female clothing is done, so the female characters have been added to the game.
– I’ve added a “center map on player” function for when you’ve scrolled far away from your character (currently activated with a hotkey, as I haven’t begun work on the GUI yet).
– The game map can now be rotated in four directions, which I figure is going to be useful when walls and buildings get added to see obscured characters and plan your assassinations (again, currently activated with hotkeys).

Next up, I’ve started adding weapons. This is basically just making weapon sprites that fit into the existing walk and run animations so the characters will be carrying the weapons with them.
I also want to add colored lighting to the engine. It currently supports static light sources that are generated when the map is loaded, but I want light sources to be able to appear and disappear during play and have different colors. This’ll for example come in handy for when you blow something up that creates a fire. I’ll then be able to add an orange/yellow light source with a dynamic intensity at the middle of the fire that will light up the surroundings. Or I could have light sources that constantly change colors for use in a disco (maybe you have to kill some CEO sipping a few drinks there?).

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