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Shadow and light

August 8th, 2010 by Christian Knudsen

I’ve been playing around with doing some lighting effects for the isometric Hostile Takeover engine. Your character has a shadow now, and I can designate an overall degree of lighting as well as spots of permanently lighted areas:

Watch it in HD!

One of the things I loved in X-COM were the night missions. There’s just so much mood and atmosphere in those night scenes – beyond the simple dread in X-COM of an alien hiding in the dark right around the next corner. I’m not sure how this will be used in Hostile Takeover, though. I may have missions taking place outside, or I may just have missions that take place in an office building at night. A mission where you have to assassinate a couple of CEOs having a secret meeting at night would be pretty cool too. But I’m getting ahead of myself now…

Of other new stuff in the above video is map scrolling and some furniture I threw in to test draw order, so that sprites can be placed in front of and behind other sprites. Everything seems to be working fine, so I’ll move on to working on having multiple NPCs walk around as well.

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